City Shine Students need your help URGENTLY!!

City Shine Students need your help URGENTLY!!

This is not normally how we like to do fundraising but this is a very serious issue that needs help immediately!
The landlord of the Secondary School building has raised the rent and threatened to evict all students and teachers if the amount is not paid.

What makes this issue even more horrible is that all students are in the middle of writing their exams, and this is the government-approved location for exams. This means, that if exams are not written there, the education board does not recognize them, meaning that all the students hard work and growth and effort will go to waste.

There have been arrangements made to build temporary classrooms on our recently bought land for the start of next semester in February and of course to change the location of the exam site but nothing can be changed in time for the students writing right now.

So this is where we need YOUR help!

We need to raise €500 as soon as possible so they can stay in the building until the end of January and the students can finish their exams!

It is extremely unfair and completely out of their hands. Their only chance is that we can come up with the money and they can complete their exams, moving them one step closer to their dreams of a proper education.

I know times are financially tough and Christmas is just around the corner, but any amount will help. Every donation is greatly appreciated and if everyone donates just a bit we will meet our €500 goal!!

Please share this message on Facebook/Twitter or personally ask friends and family to help these students out!

Donations can be made through or

PayPal, iDeal (only in NL), credit card, cash and bank transfers are all possible! Please note that Dutch donations are tax-deductible!

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you so much for your support!