Every year, second year students of ROC Mondriaan receive an assignment to organize an event.
This year, City Shine was invited to give a presentation to tell the students all about what we do as a foundation.
We told them about the conditions that the students live in, the lack of supplies and equipment and the area the school is situated in.
We also showed the City Shine promo video and we could tell instantly that the students were impressed.
The students were then divided into 8 groups and had to create an idea for a fundraiser event. A few weeks later they presented their plans to us in a 3-minute pitch. After a difficult decision we chose 2 different groups The first group came up with an idea to have a jam session fundraiser in a ‘surf village’ called F.A.S.T. where several bands would perform. All donations that were collected would go straight to City Shine.

The students created a flyer that was spread out all over The Hague and posted online: Thursday, May 24th was the day of the event. Around 6 a DJ started playing music and people started to arrive. The weather was perfect, reaching aroung 27 degrees C. The bands were a mix of all genres having something for everyone. Right from the beginning there was a great atmophere and mood around the ‘village’. Whether they were sitting back relaxing in the sun, singing along or up dancing, I think its safe to say that everyone that attended had an enjoyable evening. In addition to a great evening of live music ans sun it was a very successful evening for City Shine!

A total of €656 was raised that night!

All thanks to the following people:

  • the students of ROC Mondriaan: – Simone Pronk – Elsemieke Hazewindus – Vanisha Habib – Nick Sadi – Stefania van der Bij – Raymond Ramcharan
  • The bands: – Roep & David – Pinata – DJ Steve Anthony – Nello & Teddy
  • F.A.S.T. staff
  • everyone that showed up to support us!

Go here to see more picturs of this fundraiser!