being part of something matters !

Being part of something

School uniforms might not sound like a necessity to us, but to Kenyan school kids it means being part of something, a school community.

In 2016, it was the first time we bought school uniforms. We got them made by a local tailor. She measured up all students so all uniforms were custom made!

We instantly noticed that providing the students with a school uniform gives them more self-esteem and more drive to accomplish something with their lives.

Most of our students wear the same clothes every day and have never owned anything new. You can only imagine how our students wear their school uniform with extreme pride!

The uniform also helps in showing that everybody is equal and should not be judged on your clothes.

City Shine Uniforms


School uniforms allow students to be identified even when they are outside the school compound.

Students might get involved in some bad activities on their way home from school. Such students are easily identified and reported by the witnesses to their schools all thanks to their school uniforms. School uniforms have the name of the school embroidered on them which make it easier for people to identify the school the student goes to.

We understand that this might sound foreign to you, but unfortunately this happens more often that we would like.


The unforms remind the students their school motto. It reminds the students of what they are expected to do and also inspires the students to work harder every time they are wearing or seeing their school uniforms.



Did you know?

1 school uniform (incl. shoes) only costs €25 ($27) ?