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This is already the 4th year we’ll be selling calendars with pictures of our happy City Shine kids, all taken by Jeroen.
Different from previous years is that we have two different sizes, A4 (8,3″ x 11,7″) and A3 (11,7″ x 16,5″).

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City Shine Foundation celebrates its 3rd anniversary!

We couldn’t have come this far without you!

Asante sana!

The Hague International Singer-Songwriter Festival is organized by the Secret Singer-Songwriter Society (S4), a Dutch Nonprofit Foundation whose twofold mission is to foster the work of singer-songwriters while recording, distributing and promoting their songs to raise money for and awareness of a multitude of humanitarian causes around the world.

THISSFest/S4 has organized a benefit for City Shine Foundation with live music at O’Casey’s in the Hague on the 8th August.
Starting at 20:00, many singer-songwriters from all over the world will perform to raise money for City Shine Foundation.

We will use all the raised funds for much-needed toilets on our newly purchased plot in Soweto-Kayole in Nairobi, Kenya.




City Shine has been invited by the International School of Amsterdam (ISA) to attend the annual Spring Fair on the 26th of May.

ISA students will be present at the ISA Students Creative Market Place where they will sell their own creative products and services to the visitors. If you’re looking for a nice day out with the family come and join us! We’ll be at table 13!

This is the first of eleven songs that S4 is posting. The next 10 days S4 will upload 10 more songs you can download for a modest donation.
This way you’re not only supporting the singer-songwriter of that particular song, but will also support City Shine’s projects!

The S4/City Shine Project features eleven international singer-songwriters from seven different countries: The Netherlands, England, United States, Wales, Kenya, Australia, and Denmark.

Listen to the first track “Chance” by Meryl & A Bit Of Yellow now!


Website: Meryl & A Bit Of Yellow


Today we present the second of eleven songs featured in the S4/City Shine Project, “Train To Somewhere,” by Welsh singer-songwriter Mike Richards.


Stay tuned for more music!

The Hague—The Secret Singer-Songwriter Society (S4), a Dutch non-profit foundation whose twofold mission is to foster the work of singer-songwriters by recording, distributing and promoting their songs in support of diverse humanitarian causes around the world, announces their second global humanitarian project.

The initiative will support the City Shine Foundation, a non-profit organization that first developed after Reannon Clarke’s travels through Kenya. Clarke, a Canadian living in The Hague, saw firsthand the need for proper education and a safe environment for children living in Soweto slums in Nairobi. After speaking to the high school students and the teachers at the City Shine School, she realized how little they had in equipment, materials and resources and knew that she had to do something. After Reannon’s two-month trip in 2008, $5000 was raised with the help of friends and family members. Reannon then returned to the City Shine School in May 2010 together with Jeroen Klaassen, a Dutchman. With the raised funds, they were able to equip both the City Shine Secondary and the Reannon Clarke Primary School. The school gave the honour of re-naming itself after Reannon and is now known as ”Reannon Clarke Primary School“.

The S4/City Shine Project features eleven international singer-songwriters from seven different countries: The Netherlands, England, the United States, Denmark, Kenya, Wales and Australia:

Each artist has contributed an original song to the project that will be available for downloading beginning on April 1, 2013. Revenue generated by the downloads—and related merchandise purchased exclusively on the S4 website—will be divided in a unique revenue-sharing formula whereby the artist, the cause and the foundation each receive a one-third share of the proceeds, thus enabling artists to re-invest their share in their careers; the cause, their share towards a number of essential projects; and the foundation, their share as a source of funding enabling it to provide recording, mastering, artist development and a wide array of promotional and professional services to their artists. And in the spirit of cooperation, the S4, artists and the charitable cause all share in the promotional activities of the project by spreading their message to the far-reaching corners of the world. Last but not least there are the donors, or what the S4 refer to as “Music Lovers” who, in downloading the music (at a level of giving they determine from 99 eurocents per track), are supporting independent artists, vital humanitarian projects while in turn receiving great music that will continue giving them enjoyment for years to come without the negative effects of donor fatigue or having to make long-term commitments of giving.

For more information about the project, please visit secretsingersongwritersociety.org

City Shine Foundation has been recognized by the Dutch tax authorities as a ANBI. (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling)
This means that all donations made to City Shine Foundation are tax-deductible in the Netherlands.

For more info go to the Belastingdienst website. (in English and German)
More info can also be found on the ANBI website. (Dutch)