City Shine Foundation strongly believes that investing in teachers is investing in learning!

We are very happy and extremely proud to announce that Rose Clares Musyimi has been enrolled into the Teachers program at the Halisi Academy in Kayole.
Halisi Academy is a pre-school teachers training college for nursery, pre-unit and primary education (Standard 1 – 8)

This program has been specially set up for full-time teachers that would like to study next to their normal jobs. All semesters are scheduled during the school vacation time (April, August and December).

Rose Clares has become an important member of City Shine Foundation.
Not only as a primary school teacher, but also as our local contact of the school.
She’s shown great leadership and communication skills and is therefore the perfect candidate to pursue a professional career as a teacher.

After this 2 year program Rose Clares will be City Shine’s first certified primary school teacher!